My principal subject areas are the arts, all aspects of Japanese culture, humanities and social sciences, corporate communications, information and library sciences.

More specifically, these are some topics covered since 2012 when I set up Writing at Heart in Rotterdam.

Art and culture

  • Ancient glass, Egyptian artifacts, Chinese bronzes
  • Art deco glass, furniture, and other objects
  • FARET Tachikawa, the Setouchi Triennale,
  • Japanese design and traditional crafts
  • Japanese avantgarde art
  • Japanese painters working in the Nihonga and Western styles (Yōga)
  • Museum collections in Japan
  • Photography
  • Ryusei School of Ikebana
  • Woodblock prints and picture scrolls

Social science

  • Academic essays on business strategy; the philosophical implications of the IT revolution; marketing; economics; assistive technologies
  • The Diplomat
  • Gender studies
  • History of solar power development in Japan (the Sunshine Project)
  • Political opinion pieces
  • Post-Hiroshima literature


  • Corporate materials for websites, reports, press releases, promotional materials, newsletters
  • The Japan Journal
  • Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) White Papers, surveys, and studies
  • Official Development Assistance, Japan International Cooperation Agency

Inquiries are welcome. Please address all communications to Lis-Britt Dalkarl.

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